The studio portrait is a traditional business portrait, photographed with a plain background. The studio sessions last between a half hour and an hour. Sessions can take place at my studio or we can come to you with our mobile studio

The location portrait is similar to a studio portrait but is exclusively shot at your place of business, incorporating indoor and/or outdoor elements, such as furniture, architecture, and landscaping. Like the standard studio portrait, the location portrait requires a lighting set up.

The environmental portrait is photographed in your office or your business location and includes the subject’s surroundings. By photographing a person in their business environment, the image is a portrait of both the subject, revealing his/her personality, and a portrait their environment. These sessions usually take between two and three hours total, and include our arrival at your place of business with our mobile studio, scouting the area to find the best place to shoot, the lighting set-up and photographing the subject.

The Residential Real Estate Photography is for use by real estate agents, property owners and developers to show the layout and features of the home being marketed for sale. Images are taken of the exterior and interiors of every room in the house as well as amenities.

The Commercial Real Estate photography is for builders, designers, stagers, architects, etc. for use on websites, printed materials, magazine articles, awards competitions, etc.

Public Relations and Event Photography 
Gottschall Photography is located in Raleigh, NC, and offers Corporate Event Photography for award ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, conferences, corporate sales meeting and training sessions.

The Simple Product Photography is photographed using a plain background to eliminate all distractions and focus the attention on your product.  Objects can be removed from their backgrounds with precise, hand-drawn clipping paths. The image can then be freely placed anywhere on any other background for catalogs, brochures, websites, etc.

The Studio Tabletop or Still Life Photography  is more complex than the simple product photograph.  The background is part of the image and creates an environment for your product. The image may require special backgrounds and/or lighting.

The Large Product Photography is photographed at your business. The items are too large to fit on a tabletop set up at my studio. As with the simple product photography, clipping paths to remove the product from the background is available.

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