Gottschall Photography, based in Raleigh, NC, strives to be your photography department. With capabilities of studio and location photography, we are able to create images for any of your needs. Examples of these are: corporate executive portraits, on location editorial-style portraits, photography of your products, and photography of your business (either inside or out) and even photography of your events. Photographs have been created for corporate publications, magazines, brochures, tabletop books, websites, advertisements, press releases and more.

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Studio Portraits
The studio portrait is a traditional business portrait, photographed with a plain background. The studio sessions last between a half-hour and an hour. Sessions can take place at my studio or we can come to you with our mobile studio.
Location Portraits
The location portrait is similar to a studio portrait but is exclusively shot at your place of business, incorporating indoor and/or outdoor elements, such as furniture, architecture and landscaping. Like the standard studio portrait , the location portrait requires a lighting set up.
Environmental Portraits
The environmental portrait is photographed in your office or your business location and includes the subject’s surroundings. By photographing a person in their business environment, the image is a portrait of both the subject, revealing his/her personality, and a portrait their environment. These sessions usually take between two and three hours total, and include our arrival at your place of business with our mobile studio, scouting the area to find the best place to shoot, the lighting set-up and photographing the subject.
Event Photography
Corporate Event Photography for award ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, conferences, corporate sales meeting and training sessions.
Large and small product photography in the studio or at your location.
Photography of your place of business inside and out, including the people who work there and thier environment. Commercial and residential Real Estate Photography.
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